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Prosíme o vyplnění následujícího dotazníku. Po jeho odeslání Vám zjistime do jaké třídy můžete být zařazeni.

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Prosíme vyplňte, jak jste se o nás dozvěděli a proč si tento test vyplňujete?
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Marek is looking at____.

What’s that girl?

Whose keys are they? They’re________.

Choose the correct sentence.

Choose the correct sentence.

Where ______ on Sundays?

Choose the correct sentence.

Do you like that bar? Yes, I ______every week.

I feel very well because I went to bed very early____.

My brother was ________ all week.

James ____ to play football tomorrow.

Tom is writing _________.

This is an old photograph of when I ___.

When we got to school, we _____the bell.

Did you see that man on top of the church last Saturday? No, why _____?

This is ______ that.

When _____, give her this book.

Choose the correct question.

_____ lovely food!

I’m going to give ______.

How’s the baby?

His daughter is _____.

Choose the correct question.

He had previously had a car but it _____ several times during the spring.

We_______ my cousin since last Christmas.

There are twelve of us, so ____ get into the car at the same time.

Her children tell her that ____ old to drive a car.

When there’s a public rocket service to the moon, her father has promised _____her there.

_____ at the moment, I’ll go to the shops.

In a shop ______ customers.

Your bicycle shouldn’t be in the house!______.

He’s a good guitarist, but he plays the piano

Mary doesn’t eat fish. ________.

She always buys ______ my birthday.

She hardly ever eats ______ potatoes.

I _____ to your letter of the 15th.

Your letter ___________.

If I _____ about it earlier I would have told you.

I’ll ring you as soon as I ______ there.

John Marshall is a friend of mine. You ____ him last year when you were in England.

He didn’t thank me for the present. That’s _____ annoyed me.

I’ll have to buy _____ trousers.

She looks _______.

I’ve been looking for you ______.

Send him to the baker’s ______ the bread.

He didn’t know _______ or go home

If you _____ help you, you only have to ask me.

I ´m going to the theatre tonight. So _____.

He wants to get a better ______ and earn more money.

I didn’t hear what he was ______.

I wish I ______ suggest something more suitable, but this is all we have.

________for her birthday.

I ______ since breakfast and I ´m very tired.

His telegram said “I _____ on the 7th.”

I don’t think we’ve met before. You’re confusing me with _____.

_____ open the door for you?

He _____ in his homework.

Will you be able to come to the meeting?

He was a good runner so he _____ escape from the police.

_____ a good thing they didn’t catch you.

That’s the course of studies ______.

I would like _____ it again.

He came to the party, _____he hadn’t been invited.

He didn’t take the flat because he couldn’t afford the ______.

He stayed under water for two minutes and then swam to the _______.

She was sitting _____ on the park bench.

We were waiting in the station for at least half an hour, waiting ______ leave.

How long does it take the train to _____ to London?

Everyone in the factory has to be _____ by 8 o’clock

We talked about a lot of things ____ the way to the office.

I _____ you before now but I ´ve been too busy.

My boss never gives me clear instructions. But you _____ the same problem with yours too.

Dinner will be ready ____ but we have time for a drink before then.

We have _____ for a new secretary but we haven’t had any replies yet.

100 competitors had ____ the race

I´ve ____ for the job and I hope to get it.

I never expected you to turn ____ at the meeting. I thought you were abroad.

As far as he’s concerned, one piece of music is very much like ____.

She was wearing ____ beautiful clothes that I envied her.

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t ___ again.

I crossed the room and ____ a light shone through the window.

I wish I ____ on the time the film started before we came out.

I’ll ask the waiter for the bill when you ____ your coffee.

There was a suitcase _____ mine on the luggage rack.

He _____ out of the window for a moment and then went on working.

I’d like to take ____ of this opportunity to thank you for all your co-operation.

Our main concern is to raise the voters´____ of living.

For heaven’s ____ don’t make a noise.

He reminds me ____ someone I knew in the army.

He was _____ that he called the doctor.

I daren´t _____ to upset her.

We’ve ____ sugar. Ask Mrs Jones to lend us some.

I_____ you that the goods will be delivered next week.

The Second World War _____ in 1939.

We can never relax in this office. New problems are continually ____ .

This test ____ a number of multiple-choice questions.

Hot metal ____ as it grows colder.

He thinks about nothing but playing golf. He’s completely _____ to it.

He’s always ____ the Government but he never votes in the elections.

I ´m sorry to ___ you while you’re working but I must ask you a question.

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